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I’m basically taking it back to basics step by step explained nail drill bits guide, so today I’m gonna show you how to do a simple pedicure, so let’s get started now disclaimer my feet don’t normally look like this, this is a judgement free zone so the first thing you’re gonna want to do is to soak your feet and I just happen to come across this tub on Amazon which I like, because it’s collapsible, so it saves Rome and when you get older you appreciate things like that because we ain’t got no space, but also feel free to go to target and just buy this in the kitchen section which only costs you a Dollar ninety-nine and while you can just use warm water, ideally adding other things to it is going to be more beneficial and usually my goto is Apple cider vinegar I don’t have anything else, so I will add that to my water, or you can just use absence salt, this one is actually the mustard soap that I use in the first video I do find that some type of sodium or acid is gonna actually help break down the dead skin faster, or you can even take which nail drill bit to remove gel polish.This opportunity to use the facial ambassador that I made in the D I Y self care, routine video you want to soak your feet for at least ten to fifteen minutes depending on how bad they are if they’re not too bad, then you can do less but if they are more like mine, then you might want to do more so then I’m gonna take this calcium over this I also picked up on Amazon as you guys know I generally use the diamond cell number twenty but I wanted to find an alternative for you guys that was a little bit more affordable and this one is great because it actually is dual sided, so it comes with one side that’s more coarse and the other side, that’s more fine and the files are actually removable so it comes with replacement stickers for each side I think about five of them, the thing that I like about the diamond cell though is that I don’t have to worry about any of that because it is sanitized so I can just keep using the same thing over and over again and I don’t have to keep buying replacements and you know creating more waste, did you guys get the drill, you just you know a lightly file you don’t want to put too much pressure on your skin so you do want to stop periodically and kind of check your progress and a good indication that you are actually done with this.Specific area is that the skin will be nice and pink, the color is an indication that there is blood flow to the surface of the skin so that means that you have reached healthy soft tissue usually at that point or even slightly before is when I will turn my file over to the finer side and just kind of go lightly over the foot, and basically what this is doing is essentially polishing the skin so because you’ve used a file that’s so course you want to take down the grittiness that you’re not left with anything kind of jagged or rough, this dust is a product of my feet actually being too dry, but this is just kind of something that happened because it takes me time to set up the camera and stuff like that, nor was I able to actually soak my foot for that long, however after I re-soaked, it have a much different result, the skin will actually come off much easier and it will even make this process a little bit cleaner because since the skin is full of water, it’s heavier, it will just drop to the floor rather than flying around in the air and landing on your clothes, your pan.And everywhere else, notice the difference between soaking your feet for a long time versus soaking your feet for a short period of time, my second foot which was still in the water, the entire time that I was doing my first you’ll see the callus has actually turned white, which is exactly what you want and how you can easily identify what skin is dead and what’s not in fact skin is so ready to come off that even if I just rub it with my finger you’ll see that it balls up and it removes itself so I’m not sure exactly how long my foot was sitting here but let’s just say it was like fifteen to twenty minutes, so yeah basically soak your feet as long as you possibly can here I had to be a little bit quicker because I was fighting daylight, and if you’re not able to get all of your dead skin off at one time, it’s fine, you can do this every few days, if you want to especially in the summertime because this is the perfect way to keep up with sandal weather now since my souls are the most work, that’s why I do them first to kind of get them out of the way and also it gives the adequate time free to soften your cubicles, it seems like a lot of people are not comfortable with pushing their cubicles back because it actually hurts and that shouldn’t happen, so if you’re looking for a good amount of time you will eliminate.Discomfort because you’ve actually allowed the cuticle to lift from the natural nail I’m using this tool which is a cuticle stone is basically like a pumice stone, but specifically in a perfect shape for pushing back your cuticle’s sitting really nicely into the lateral folds and proximal nail fold, so if you’re a beginner and you have a lot of dead skin but not comfortable with cutting it and you can use something like this because as you can see it gets rid of a lot or you could just use a regular cuticle pusher, this one, I found at five below for like three dollars and I like it because the other side has this little spoon shaped end, so this is perfect for going underneath the free edge to clean under your nail but you can also even use this side as a cuticle pusher as well so you can see that it really helps lift any dead skin off of the nail plate and make sure that I’m just like freeing up all of that extra tissue where my proximal nail fold is so just to reiterate if it is white and or very translucent, then it is likely that tissue can be removed and I know a lot of people who find this controversial. Like I said I do get a lot of dead skin, so I do prefer a cuticle cutter to get rid of everything now also in my first video I didn’t actually trim my toenails and I did get some questions about how I achieved the shape, so what I do is if they’re long enough I will take a straight jaw nail clipper or I will just take a old pair of cuticle cutters so these are not the ones that I actually use my cubicles and I use that to get a really straight free edge then, I will go in with a fine grit file, this is a two forty and I will clean up that edge a little bit but also go along the side walls to make sure those are nice and straight and at a ninety degree angle, and then I will just lightly soften the corners so that I don’t have really sharp edges because we don’t want to be tearing through socks that enqueue something totally optional, this is a final step I like to go in with my orgy mineral pill, if you’ve been following this channel for awhile, you know, I absolutely love this stuff, it’s been years now, and this is my ride or die, and I just take this just go as a final exfoliation I do this on the bottoms and the top.So the feet I will even go up my legs, if you don’t have this product or anything similar, you can just use the scrub but really it is optional here I’m taking my sugar paste, which is a little from so I’m just kind of needing it in my hands to warm it up and then I’m going to use this to wax the hair on my toes and the reason that I do this and I don’t just like shave, it is because you can always see like a little black dots where the hair is kind of just sitting right under the skin, and if you guys wanna know how I sugar then that video is probably popping up on the screen right now, but I also listed in the description box and I’ll also list my video on how to make this sugar wax, if you want to make it yourself, so now that we have gotten rid of all of that we have exfoliate ID, we now need to rehydrate the skin, so while my feet are still damp, I’m going to take some mobil oil and apply that directly to the nail and the surrounding skin, and yes you can substitute this for any oil that you would like the only thing I don’t recommend is baby oil because that’s not actually oil and then for the rest of my skin, I’m going to take my soothing balm which I also D I Y.I’m adding a couple of drops of the whole boil but that’s totally optional and just in case you’re curious, the reason I’m using this is because I want something thick like a butter or a balm, that’s actually going to just sit on top of the skin and really hold the moisture into my feet and at this point I would actually wrap my feet in saran wrap like I did in the first video because you guys probably noticed in the beginning I broke the corner of my toenail so because they are shorter than I would normally like for them to be, this is what I would normally go for a nude because it kind of camouflage is that the shape isn’t perfectly square and here I’m using a colour from bernadette Thompson, this is cashmere and at the moment, this is literally like the perfect brown girl nude for me as a matter of fact, this brand is black owned and the crazy thing is I’ve had this polish for a while now you guys can’t tell cause I shook it up before that it would look more even but really there’s only half of this bottle left and the application of it is still so freaking smooth like I don’t understand how it’s not streaky or lumpy or anything so needless to say I will be purchasing more hashtag not sponsored.Because this is only one coat guys I was actually thinking about maybe trying an extension, so if that’s something you guys would be interested in just let me know, so yeah that’s it.